We believe that circularity is the change the world needs. We want products and materials to stay in our economic system, retain their value and flow continuously through the supply chain.

Circular IQ accelerates companies that believe in the economic benefits of the circular economy. Our key product is an online software application which uses simple data to support intelligent decision making on circularity.


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We make it easy for you to make an assessment, identify opportunities for improvement and take action. Have you set ambitious goals to create circular performance or made circular procurement central to your business strategy? At a certain moment you have to reach out into your supply chain or measure performance. That’s why we’ve developed Circular IQ – an online software application for collaboration, data monitoring and analysis. Measure every aspect of circularity across your product portfolio or category you are procuring.



As the transition to a circular economy builds momentum, you will need to know a lot more about your products than you do today. We founded Circular IQ to help you to get evidence-based insights on circularity which includes essential information coming from your supply chain.

Our application helps you to organize the collection of data, the collaboration with supply chain partners up till the origin of materials and the analysis of the data. We make circularity easy, allowing you to make informed decisions. So you can take concrete action. To close loops, to buy circular, to improve your circular performance and to present your clients fact based data on circularity characteristics.

I’m a procurement professional
Circular IQ gives you objective and comparable insight into the circular performance of your suppliers’ products and raw materials and track performance during a suppliers contract.



I’m a sustainability professional
Circular IQ helps you to make informed decisions on innovation and development to drive circularity and feed reporting and communication on circular impacts.


Circular IQ: Circular economy intelligence

With Circular IQ you can easily measure circular performance with a set of key indicators and criteria. Our indicators are derived from best-in-class, trusted programmes and concepts, like the Cradle to Cradle certification programme, a world-renowned approach to assessing materials, eliminating toxic chemicals and optimising energy and water use. Our indicators cover major product sustainability issues, including material health, reuse, water, energy, carbon, human rights.

Digitization and collaboration using smart tech

In many organizations sustainability data are not readily available. Circular IQ streamlines the digitization of existing data hidden in documents as well as the collection of new data, including the information coming from your supply chains. With Circular-IQ you enable collaboration of in- and external teams including suppliers and your suppliers’ suppliers, capturing everything from energy bills to environmental certifications to suppliers’ wastewater performance. Say goodbye to multiple emails, excel spreadsheets and pdfs and build trust with accurate and consistent data.

Designed for transparency and collaboration

Customers increasingly want to know what goes into your products and how they are made. You can respond more effectively to their growing interest by using our platform and improve transparency on your products and their circularity impacts. Collect what you need and manage what you want to share about composition or origin of materials.

Tailored to your needs

Circular IQ can flex to support from one single product circularity assessment to ongoing monitoring of circular economy criteria with all suppliers. Add data assurance by independent third party verificators and your circularity report will not go unnoticed. You decide on the scope, number of products, criteria and timeline.

Step by step


1. Set up
Jointly we will determine the scope and criteria that meet your needs and set up your customised organization to get started.


2. Collect data
Capture existing product and process data from your organisation and invite your partners and suppliers to share information easily, safe and authenticated. Keep track with straightforward workflows.


3. Analyze and verify
Interpret the data, identify trends and benchmark or compare products and services to define actions. Use third party verification, if required. And with our dashboard and reports substantiate your claims and stand out in the market.

Take concrete action

Make circularity data part and parcel of your strategy. Motivate your suppliers, optimize your supply base, track progress, select new materials, redesign your products, and improve manufacturing processes. Our team of specialist and partners can guide you every step of the way.


Meet other frontrunners that make sense of circular buying and circular products. We are proud to work with circular economy experts like Kirkman Company, Copper 8 and more. And we are delighted that a broad spectrum of changemaking companies and governments chose Circular IQ.

This is what our clients say about us:


Circular IQ drastically simplifies the management of circularity data. We need it time and time again for public tenders or our large clients that buy circular.


Circular procurement is a key goal of the Dutch authorities and our biggest challenge in tenders is to compare circular characteristics of different products. Circular IQ has supported us in a tender for office furniture. They simplified this process, have helped us with their profound expertise to define the right criteria and using their application for the data collection made it easier to compare the tenders of the different suppliers.


Our story

All of us at Circular IQ believe passionately that circularity is the change the world needs. To get there we need to know more about our products, how they are made and what’s in it. We help companies capture these data to make positive changes and communicate the sustainability story of products, from how they were cultivated or made, to the water and energy consumed throughout their lifecycle.

It is our dream that companies will achieve 100% transparency, zero toxics and optimum use of resources, across their supply chain. And we see that procurement can be a strong driver. If we change what is being bought, we change entire systems. We believe that Circular IQ will help make this a reality – enabling collaboration at every level of the chain and delivering vital insights and analysis.

Our expertise

Our expertise spans sustainable supply chain data management, data analysis and visualization, circular economy policies and principles, sustainability standards and world-renowned concepts like Cradle to Cradle.

Claire Teurlings

Claire is co-founder and leads operations and platform development. She specialises in supply chain sustainability data management, building on 25 years of international business experience in multinational organizations in fields ranging from business and innovation strategy to brand management. Driven to funnel human creativity and innovation power to shape a sustainable future.


Roy Vercoulen

Roy is co-founder and focuses on business development and partnerships. Roy is an eco-economist and social entrepreneur with ten years’ international experience in developing and implementing sustainability strategies delivering results, growth and business value. He was previously VP and head of European Operations for the Cradle Products Innovation Institute and established C2C ExpoLAB Foundation.


Niels van der Linden

Niels is head of product. He has a big passion for exploring ways to create impact with technology by finding the best way to make technology solve problems. Technology is there to help us do our things in a sustainable way. Niels co founded various companies with focus on learning, collaboration and motivational design (gamification).


Dirk van den Reek

Dirk is your point of contact for all the best customer and user experience. He is keen to optimise interaction between you, your organisation and the Circular IQ application, using all media that are needed to make circularity data management fun. Dirk has a degree in architecture and is a specialist in circular business models. Just aks him!


Mees de Vries

Mees has recently joined us for an internship. He is on his way to become a mechanical engineer and is fascinated by almost anything that relates to nature. He understands that the best inspiration as to how to resolve human challenges just sit ‘around the corner’. You just have to look for it.

Change is here. Get on board!

Circularity is about to become a global reality.
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